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Elminate The Risk
The Problem
The Federal Trade Commission reported last year that over 9 million Americans fell victim to identity theft.

The Problem

Our Solution
It is much simpler and faster to use the Hard Disk Crusher than it is to reformat a disk or use a degausser.

Our Solution

HDC Features
Transportable, Standard 110 outlet , 10 second cycle time , Crush over 60 disks an hour.

Hard Disk Crusher Features

Destruction Services
Secure Destruction At Our Location

Destruction Services

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Secure Destruction At Your Location

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The Problem

Did you know you might actually be giving away your organization’s secret information?

As technology moves forward, the proper disposal of aging and obsolete hardware is a global concern. The Federal Trade Commission reported that over 9 million Americans fell victim to identity theft, while losses to the businesses and fnancial institutions totaled $48 billion. Consumers lost $4 billion in out-of-pocket expenses.

Unaware of this growing epidemic, many organizations recycle their aging computer equipment, including their hard drives, by selling or donating them – or by simply discarding them.

Without taking proper precautions, it is possible for thieves to gain access to every website you have visited, every e-mail written or received, military and corporate plans, medical records, contact lists, corporate and personal financials, private pictures... think about it.

Proper decommissioning of corporate data can help your company avoid lawsuits, comply with various U.S. information security laws and regulations, and decrease its liabilities. With data privacy violations carrying penalties of up to $100,00 per incident, is this really a chance you can afford to take?

Crushed Hard Disk Drive


For care, custody and control of your data.

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